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Do you lie awake at night worrying about money?
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Dear Entrepreneur,

Do you find yourself working tirelessly, yet not seeing the financial results you desire? You're not alone. Many passionate entrepreneurs struggle to break through financial barriers, often due to deep-seated beliefs about money or simply not having the right strategies in place.


What if you could change all that in just 30 days?

Our 30-Day Money Maker Mission is specifically designed to help you transform your relationship with money, equip you with proven money-making strategies, and boost your confidence to achieve fantastic financial success.

Why join the challenge?

Learn how to Unlock Your Financial Potential

You've been working hard in your business, honing your skills and reaching out to potential clients but, somehow, you're not making the money you hoped for.

This challenge will help you;

Shift Your Money Mindset: Overcome limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving your financial goals.

Learn Actionable Strategies: Implement practical techniques and strategies that directly impact your income.

Build Momentum: Make significant strides in your business with specific actions designed to create and sustain financial growth.


What Does the Challenge Include?

Insights and Actions

Receive three detailed emails each week, each linked to an in-depth blog post that dives deeper into crucial topics such as understanding your money mindset, practical steps to increase your earnings, and how to close the month with a surge in revenue.

Supportive Community

 Join a vibrant community of like-minded female entrepreneurs who are all on the same journey to financial freedom. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and celebrate wins together.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the insights and experiences of a seasoned money mindset coach and business strategist. Get direct access to advice and strategies that are actionable and effective.

Who should join?


This challenge is perfect for you if:

  • You're an entrepreneur in the service industry.
  • You feel uncertain about how to price your services or manage your business finances.
  • You want to increase your income but don’t know where to start.
  • You're ready to change your financial future and grow your business.


Your Transformation Awaits

Imagine ending the month with not just a better understanding of your finances but with a healthier bank account and an excellent plan for continuous growth. Whether you're aiming to scale your business, increase your pricing confidently, or simply improve your financial health, this challenge is your stepping stone to success.


Spaces are limited, and because it’s completely free, they’re filling up fast!

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HURRY: The next Challenge starts on May 1st 2024

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