Are you a coach, therapist, practitioner or business owner struggling to build the reliable, profitable business you've dreamed of? Is it hard to find clients and bring in the income you need to support yourself and have time for your family and loved ones?

Hi, I'm Averil, and I know what it’s like to struggle in business, because I have been there. When I started out as a therapist I was given a limited amount of marketing advice and let loose. I was full of enthusiasm to serve the world but quickly fell into the trap of offering free consultations and signing up to every newsletter and webinar that came my way, in an effort to establish, and grow my business.

Before long I was feeling overwhelmed by all the advice, methods, tricks and tips that I was receiving and not following through with any of them in a consistent way that brought me clients. Instead of helping me in my business, I felt disempowered and defeated. I had fallen prey to the Guru Syndrome. Always looking for better ideas, better methods and better modalities to bring me the success I had hoped for.

I don’t want you to suffer the same fate. Let me help you cut through the overwhelm, and guide you to a successful and fulfilling business. Let me help you gain the Clarity and Confidence you need to establish and grow the business of your dreams.

I deliver transformational coaching, training and personal support, via one on one or small group coaching as well as workshops.

With over 15 years’ experience in the field of personal development and a wide range of business knowledge, my unique blend of practical strategies and deeper personal change is founded on both brain-based science as well as spiritual wisdom. I help each individual find what they need to create a joyful, successful, fulfilling life AND business.

I have several programs available for both Emerging and Established Business owners. Serving both Traditional businesses and the Non-traditional. Please contact me for a FREE, no-obligation chat to find out how I can help you achieve the success you deserve.


Averil Maher

Principal Coach and Trainer