Stress Seminars For Your Workplace

Have you noticed a top performer falling below their normal abilities?

Do you have a high level of absenteeism?
Is there tension or dissatisfaction in the workforce?  

These could be signs that one or more of your employees are suffering from Excessive Stress.

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Why Hold A Stress Seminar?

It is a requirement that employers provide a stress-free work environment, recognise where stress is becoming a problem for staff, and take adequate action to address the situation.

Stress in the workplace reduces productivity, increases management pressures, and contributes to ill health in many ways.

Workplace stress affects the performance of the brain, including functions of work performance; memory, concentration, and learning. In the UK over 13 million working days are lost every year because of stress. Stress is believed to trigger 70% of visits to doctors, and 85% of serious illnesses (UK HSE stress statistics).  

 There are clearly strong economic and financial reasons for organizations to manage and reduce stress at work, aside from the obvious humanitarian and ethical considerations. If you are suffering from stress yourself the stress management guidelines taught just as relevant.  

Stress Management Seminars


These short seminars provide staff with the fundamentals of what stress is and how to take charge of their own well-being. Employers have a responsibility to their staff and the staff also need to recognize their own responsibility for self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

 Our seminars offer stress reduction techniques and encourage personal accountability to recognize and manage potential stress. Each person and workplace is different and what will be stressful to one may not be stressful to another. However, the general guidelines and tips offered in these seminars are incredibly useful to participants.  

The tried and true recommendations provided in these sessions will help each individual recognize their own stress building pattern and learn, not only how to relive their current stress, but how to prevent excessive stress becoming a problem.


What are the benefits of having a Stress Management Seminar at your workplace?

  • Attendees of the seminar will learn about stress, the symptoms, how to identify stress in others and how it affects their own health and well-being.
  • Your staff will learn valuable techniques to help them overcome stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • As the employer you will be taking an affirmative role in the health and well-being of your employees resulting in happier employees and increased productivity


NOTE: Given the current world crisis, ask about having a Virtual Seminar.


One To One Stress Relief Coaching

Following on from the seminar or set of seminars, I can provide personal coaching to any individual who needs ongoing, strategic help to become healthy and performing at their peak again.


Coaching for Senior Management and Executives


Those in leadership and management roles are faced with particular demands which can easily lead to stress. Leading, managing change and self-esteem are significant factors that contribute to either struggling to stay on top or embracing every challenge with ease. A top level manager can only be effective by maintaining his or her own health.

 Being aware of stress and recognizing the need to address it is the first step to managing your health. Establishing a good routine for personal well-being is crucial for those who want to stay performing at their best.

 As a Professional Stress Consultant and Life Coach I will analyze your situation and together, during our one to one sessions, we will draw up a plan so you can get back on form and stay that way.



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