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Running your own business can be challenging but if you have the passion and drive you can make it happen. With the support of a Business Coach, you can become a successful entrepreneur, make a massive impact in the world and remain true to who you are.


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful  Business


Many business owners agree that the most difficult part of running and growing a business is lack of support. Where do you go to ask questions, who can you run ideas past? Friends and family are great for personal support but don't have the qualified knowledge to help you make important decisions in your business.

This Business Transformation program will take you through critical business processes that will enable you to clarify your ideas, plan your goals and implement your outcomes.

You will create a business road-map to take on your journey to success, with all the vital milestones pinpointed along the way.


The Business Transformation Program

 In this 1-1 Business Coaching program we will cover;

  • Assessment of your current situation and identifying your greatest challenges
  • Addressing your product/service in today's marketplace
  • Is it time to re-invent your products or your business?
  • How to get more customers/clients through the door
  • How to increase revenue and profit
  • Explore challenges and solutions to individual problems
  • Better productivity and performance
  • Communication, marketing and more..... 

You Don't Have To Go It Alone

Discover the benefits of having a trusted advisor to coach, train and guide you. In this training program you will;

  • Take time out from working IN your business to working ON your business
  • Gain clear direction and focus
  • Have an objective sounding board for your ideas
  • Up-level your business knowledge and abilities with training and coaching
  • Recieve support and accountability to reach your highest goals


"I fully endorse Averil. I worked with her for six months and under her expert guidance experienced the business and personal transformations she claims are possible….. I have a stronger website, a solid marketing direction, a greater sense of myself as a business woman and a much clearer way forward. Thanks Averil."

K.Taylor (abridged)
New Zealand

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