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You don't have to suffer the effects of stress and overwhelm

 Hi, I'm Averil and I know what stress and overwhelm feels like. I've been there and found a wide range of solutions to help both business owners and individuals.

These are unprecedented times, and even those people who would normally be calm are effected by anxiety, stress and overwhelm. That's why I am here to help.

Let me offer you a free 30 minute stress consultation where we can discuss what's going on with you and how you can achieve a calm and balanced state of mind.

You don't have to try to cope alone.

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"Working with Averil has been a wonderful experience. During our time together we explored many avenues and I found the whole experience to be hugely beneficial. Averil put me at ease with her gentle nature and I was completely comfortable when working with her. I found the breadth of knowledge that she had to offer was invaluable, and her kind nature allowed us to explore many personal and life goals."


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