Crafting Your Success Story: A Woman Entrepreneur's Guide to Annual Business Planning


I’ve been a business and marketing coach for some time now, and I've seen firsthand the transformative power of a well-crafted annual business plan, especially for women entrepreneurs in the service industry. In a world where different ideas and opportunities fire at us from all directions, having a clear roadmap for the next 12 months is not just about setting goals – it's about writing your own success story and sticking to a clear path.


The Magic of a Well-Defined Plan

Running a successful business takes more than having a great idea and hoping it comes to fruition. It takes careful planning and implementation. If you identify with being a creative sort, planning may not come naturally to you, in fact, you may shy away from all that ‘official’ type stuff completely. However, planning is important if you want to achieve your goals and serve the people who need you.

There are several areas to consider when creating your annual plan, but here...

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5 Tips for Keeping Self-sabotage at Bay

motivation productivity Dec 03, 2023


As a committed business owner, you want to be productive. In fact, you might even wake up in the morning with all kinds of enthusiasm for the projects you’re going to get done during the day.

Now fast forward a few hours, and suddenly you’re wondering where the day went, feeling like you never accomplished anything at all.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Most people feel this way at least sometimes. The trick is to realize that this isn’t something entirely outside of your control. Sure, things are going to happen, which derail you, but more often than not, you’re succumbing to self-sabotage. You’ve derailed yourself, through your own negative beliefs and self-talk.

You may feel that the only way to combat this issue is to spend time – and probably many dollars, on therapeutic processes that will free you of these limiting beliefs. That would indeed be helpful, but there are some shortcuts you can use to lift your mindset...

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How to Overcome Marketing Roadblocks and Connect With Your Audience


Have you ever felt like you're speaking into a void, pouring your heart and soul into your coaching, therapy, or healing business, yet struggling to connect with the people who need you most?


Let me tell you about Emma, a compassionate and talented life coach who found herself in this exact situation. She started her business fueled by a genuine desire to make a difference in people's lives. Yet, she quickly realized that the journey from passion to profits was not as straightforward as she had hoped.


Emma is not alone in this struggle. Many new coaches, therapists, and healers face similar challenges when it comes to reaching their audience and signing up new clients. The business side of things can often feel like a foreign language, with a steep learning curve that leaves many feeling overwhelmed and stuck.


The first hurdle that many new business owners face is the lack of a clear and unique offering. Without a well-defined service that stands out from...

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The Empathetic Marketing Approach: Engaging Clients with Thoughtful Storytelling


In today’s business environment, heart-based entrepreneurs are discovering that the most powerful marketing tool isn't flashy graphics or hard-hitting sales pitches. Instead, it's something infinitely more genuine: empathy. Embracing the empathetic marketing approach, especially through thoughtful storytelling, can transform the way you connect with your clients.

What is Empathetic Marketing?

At its heart, empathetic marketing is about understanding and resonating with the feelings, thoughts, and needs of your audience. It's not about what you want to sell, but about what your clients need to hear. For heart centered professionals, this approach should feel intuitive. After all, empathy is often at the core of what you do.

Why Storytelling?

Stories hold universal appeal. They form the backbone of cultures, shape histories, and personal identities. In marketing, stories have the ability to make a direct impact on our perceptions. They bypass the analytical brain and...

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Why Am I Struggling To Get Clients? Unravelling the Dilemma


Running your business can be stressful, and one of the biggest challenges women entrepreneurs face is getting a steady flow of clients.

As a service provider, you are fully attuned to what your clients want and are amazing at getting them their desired results. So why aren’t you getting more clients? Often, our external struggles mirror our internal journey so, if you are wondering why you are not getting enough ideal clients then it may be time to reflect on your inner world as well as outer, practical strategies.


Mindset: The Foundation of Your Business

As much as we focus on strategy, networking, and offers, your mindset is equally, if not more, important. If you're holding onto limiting beliefs—perhaps a thought that you're not experienced enough, not good enough, or simply not worthy—these thoughts could be your biggest roadblocks. It's important to identify these self-limiting beliefs, work through them and replace them with empowering...

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Reframe, Heal, and Prosper: How Addressing Limiting Beliefs Can Ignite Your Business Growth

mindset Jul 27, 2023


In the world of entrepreneurship, invisible barriers often stand between a business and its full potential. These barriers are not market fluctuations, competition, or economic downturns, but something far more personal and insidious - limiting beliefs and past traumas. For heart-centered entrepreneurs, people who have chosen a path that aligns with their values and passions, these internal obstacles can be a major stumbling block to their success.    


These entrepreneurs are committed to serving others and making a positive impact in the world. However, they may find themselves grappling with self-doubt, fear, and hesitation, all stemming from deeply ingrained limiting beliefs and past traumas. When left unaddressed, these internal barriers can suppress  growth and prevent their businesses from flourishing.


 "You begin to fly when you let go of self-limiting beliefs and allow your mind and aspirations to rise to greater heights."...

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Where to Find Great Business Networking Opportunities

marketing May 16, 2023


People have been seeking connection with others for thousands of years, yet business networking is a relatively new phenomenon. The more you get out there and network, the more you’ll meet people with whom you can create genuine, mutually beneficial relationships. So, if networking is one of your preferred marketing mediums, the key is to find regular networking opportunities and start building relationships. Here are 8 ways to find places to network.


Networking Sites

Check out networking sites where people list events you can attend. The most popular ones are Meetup and Eventbrite. They list meetings in your local area based around various themes, and it’s an easy way to find events to attend near you.


Social Media

In the same way, you can find events listed on social media. People will advertise opportunities in their news feed and some platforms like Facebook allow you to create events. Use the search function to look for networking opportunities...

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Simple Steps to Build Confidence in Your Actions

confidence May 03, 2023

Do you ever feel trapped by indecision? When the pressure is on and you know you have to do something but you’re afraid to act. You don’t have much time to figure out the next steps, and you're stalling out because you're suddenly unsure. In fact, you’re not even sure you can make the right decision, much less act on it. What do you do?


The problem isn’t so much about what needs to be decided. Instead, when this happens, you need to figure out how to find the confidence to act. But where can you gain unwavering self-belief fast?


Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Hey, you've been here before. You've had doubts, made decisions, and in the end, things turned out just fine. Remind yourself of a little previous history where you know you did well. Now use a little logic: if you've done it before, it's clear you can do it again.


Choose Who you Hang Out With

Do you have a support system? If those around you are more likely to criticize than cheer you on,...

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5 Tips For A Tidy Home Office

home office organize tidy Jan 11, 2023


Staying organized both in your home life and work life can sometimes be a challenge. If you work from home or just have a small home office, it’s very important to make sure your work space is properly maintained and you can find everything easily. Too much clutter can make life much more difficult, and important tasks and papers can get lost in the shuffle.


'Sometimes the biggest gain in productive energy will come from cleaning the cobwebs, dealing with old business, and clearing the desks—cutting loose debris that's impeding forward motion.' David Allen


I’m not what you’d call a naturally neat person but I know that with proper organization, it is so much easier to find the things you are looking for. This will help create a sense of calm in your work environment.

Today I want to challenge you to look at your current work space and….tidy it up! I did this challenge last year and it felt soooo good.

Here are 5 tips to help you...

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6 Ways to Stay on Track with Your Goals


If you want to be successful, one of the most important steps is setting goals.  If you just work to get things done, you end up going through the motions with no real purpose or drive. This is especially important as we move into the last part of the year. Now is the time to review the goals you set earlier and see if they are still relevant and important. There is still plenty of time to achieve your goals so here are a few tips to stay on track.


1. Write it down.

When it comes to keeping appointments and meeting deadlines, most people have to write them down —or else they somehow disappear until after they’ve passed. The same is true with goals. There is something magical that happens between the brain and the pen. By writing your goals down - and seeing your goals written, it reinforces that goal and makes it more attainable.

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want...

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