Power Hour

Power-Up Your Business Genius


Power Hour - Power-Up Your Business Genius  


Are you looking for more clarity?
Are you worrying over one particular issue?
Or are you just plain stuck and not sure of your next move?


Life gets crazy busy when you’re an entrepreneur. Trying to be all things to all people and trying to juggle everything yourself. I get it! I’ve been there. And sometimes there is one particular issue that’s bugging you. A sticking point that’s preventing you from moving forward.

That’s why I decided to offer one off coaching sessions. A special 60 minutes dedicated to finding clarity, direction and answers to your most pressing needs.

These single issue sessions are designed to place complete focus on one area of your business so you can clarify, refine and get results straight away. Tap in to your inner genius and find the answers you seek.

Camila Hurtado

‘I was struggling with a business request that was unusual for me. Staying curious and asking the right questions, Averil kindly and diligently was able to understand the issue at hand and openly share her wisdom and expertise. I left the session with more clarity about the things that were getting in my way, and a few concrete ideas on how to proceed. She was very encouraging and supportive and made sure her contribution was relevant for my needs. I highly appreciated the chance to work with her.’

Camila Hurtado, Executive Coach & Facilitator, Munich, Germany.

A Power Hour Session is right for you if;

  • You feel overwhelmed and need a boost of clarity and support
  • You’re losing sleep worrying about how to handle a certain issue
  • You secretly know something’s not working but can’t pinpoint what
  • You feel stuck and need a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective

 Here's what to do next -

Chose your focus from the topics below


Direction - Focus on the big picture. Where do you want to be in 3 years time? What services do you want to offer? How much money do you want to make?

To use a travel analogy, you can't get to your destination without knowing where your destination is. Once you have clarity on your direction you will be able to put the necessary steps in place to achieve your desired outcome.

This session can also apply to clarifying your vision and outcome for a specific project, program or offer. Every part of your business needs clear outcomes. This session will help clarify and refine what you want to achieve.


Mindset - You recognize that you have some resistance, belief or block of some description preventing you from proceeding with a particular venture. You may be stuck in a loop of negative self-talk or feeling less than you are destined to be.

Let's zero in on what mindsets are keeping you small or blocking you from success. This can include your money mindset too as it has a powerful impact on your business.


Set Backs – Use your Power Hour to identify what’s holding you back from achieving your goals. We’ll look at what is working and what is not so you can uncover the missing elements that are holding you back from being the business owner you are destined to be.

Perhaps a launch has failed or your conversion rate is low. Maybe a client has cancelled or rejected your new offer. Whatever is bothering you, you can let it all out in a private, non-judgmental place and emerge from the session with renewed vitality and a sense of power and possibility.


What do you get from a Power Up your Genius Session?

A  one to one, 60 minute session via zoom to investigate one area in your business and explore how and why it’s holding you back and decide on a plan to fix it.

You'll be surprised at the insights you'll discover by talking through your issue with a professional and how a new perspective can help clarify what you need to do. 

Jo Moar

"In just a short session with Averil today, I have gained more insight into my business (and received ideas on how I should be marketing myself) than what I have gotten out of a mentor with BMNZ for a year.
Averil is gold!!"

Jo Moar, Wellington NZ

Power Hour

Tap in to your inner genius with the facilitated guidance of a professional business coach. 

Offload your worries and gain clarity and a new perspective. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in 60 minutes of focused attention.

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