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Want To Improve Your Business?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Struggling with cash flow
  • Low profit margins
  • Marketing headaches
  • Declining productivity
  • Constant fire-fighting and juggling tasks

Conquer these issues with the tools, techniques and business strategies you need to achieve extraordinary success. Discover how having your own business coach will help you create a strong and profitable business.

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Want To Be Happier?

Being a business owner can be tough but you deserve to be happy and fulfilled. You deserve to live the lifestyle you aspire to.

But first you must understand that YOU are the most important person in your business. It's when you learn about yourself, grow your self-awareness and confidence that you perform at your best and feel satisfied and fulfilled.

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Stress Management

Do you feel stressed or spend too much time at work? 
Do you have headaches, stomach disorders or can't sleep?

Good health and good mental health is vital for a business owner to perform at their best. Learn how to handle the stress of being in business so you and your business can thrive.

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Meet Averil

Averil Maher is a Business Coach and Personal Development Coach dedicated to helping business owners thrive in both their business and their personal lives. With a background in natural therapies as well as extensive business knowledge, Averil bridges the gap between established business protocols and intuitive support. Delivering practical business strategies and the inner growth work necessary for her clients to become high performing business owners.

"I have the utmost belief in your ability to grow and succeed and use everything in my power to help you reach your potential using techniques grounded in both brain-based science and traditional business systems."
Averil Maher


"Averil I want to tell you that you were an enormous help to me, you made me see what I had to do and how I needed to go about it. …. You knew exactly how to motivate me and give me the confidence to move forward and take the right action. You also had patience and got me to draw things out of myself which up until then I could not see ...although I have no doubt you could see some of these things already. Many many thanks for all your help "

Pete Burns
United Kingdom

"I worked with Averil over a six month period and really looked forward to our weekly sessions. Averil is a creative and empathetic person who I felt that I could talk to honestly about my business. She is a great listener and her knowledge of business strategy meant that she always had great ideas that I may not have considered myself. In business it's sometimes hard to lift your head up from the daily workload and look around at the bigger picture - Averil was great at encouraging me to do that, and she kept me accountable every week so that so that I could achieve my goals, both personally and professionally. Highly recommended."

Monica McIsaac
Director, NZ

"I fully endorse Averil. I worked with her for six months and under her expert guidance experienced the business and personal transformations she claims are possible….. I have a stronger website, a solid marketing direction, a greater sense of myself as a business woman and a much clearer way forward. Thanks Averil. "

K. Taylor
New Zealand

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