Hi, I'm Averil.

Thanks for stopping by. There are so many business coaches and consultants out there, it can be difficult to know who will suit you best. That's why I wanted to take this opportunity to say hello, and share a bit about myself.


Like many people, I decided I didn’t want to work for a boss anymore and started my own business. Unsurprisingly, it was not a success. However because of my natural passion for research and learning, I studied a variety of business models and tested out strategies, tools and techniques to see which ones really worked. What I discovered was a cutting edge set of business success practices that inspired me and that I couldn’t wait to pass on to other business owners.


The more research I did and the more clients I saw, I realised that my search for my life purpose was not in vain. It is through my unique knowledge of sound business principles, innovative problem solving and the study of Coaching, High Performance, NLP and Neuroscience that I have developed my own Business Coaching Framework.

I now understand that it is not just the skills you acquire nor the instincts you are born with, that creates a successful business, but the combination of all that you are.

The businesses that come to me for Marketing, Business and Performance related issues, recognize that having an ally who will walk alongside them on their success journey and not only hold them accountable, but help them grow to their full potential, is a powerful tool for themselves and their businesses.

If you are thinking of getting some help with your business, why don’t you drop me a note via email and we can arrange to have a chat.

I don’t want you to struggle through years of uncertainty like I did. Let me help you cut through the overwhelm, and guide you to a successful and fulfilling business. Let me help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to grow the business of your dreams.

Send me a message now, I’d love to hear from you.

Averil Maher

Principal Coach and Trainer





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