Is Business Coaching Right For You?


As a business owner no-one knows your business better than you do. Even when struggling, you actually know the steps you need to take with your business, but systemizing those steps into “do-able” chunks can be a lot more difficult. There are also many “small” questions that come up as you build our business, and having someone to turn to can be a great help. Even just having a person to run your idea by for vetting can be a life saver. In these situations, one-to-one coaching can really help.

 How do you decide if coaching can benefit you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:


#1 - Could I use an impartial person to run my ideas by?

Your friends and family may be great to turn to for help, but remember they are slightly biased. It doesn’t help if they don’t specifically understand the inner dealings or your business or market.

Having an impartial person dissect your ideas and plans can be very useful, offering a new perspective you may not have previously considered.


#2 - Could I use help with the specific details of my business?

For many entrepreneurs the “big” picture is easy to see but it’s the specific details that can tie them up in knots. How to market your business effectively? How to manage your cash-flow? What data storage is best for your business?

In this instance an business coach can offer help and guidance – from helping you choose the style of your marketing campaign to deciding which actions take priority.


#3 - Could I use motivation and guidance?

For many of us, this is the part of business that’s the most difficult. It’s easy to write down a to-do list and business plan, but much harder to actually do it. A good business coach can help you overcome these hurdles. Studies have shown that if you have someone that you’re accountable to, then you’re more likely to follow through and get things done.

This isn’t a situation that should make you feel bad or shameful; many, many people struggle with accountability and find that having a person they are accountable to or a deadline is the best way to achieve their tasks.


These three questions should help you decide whether coaching is right for you. If you do decide it’s something you’d like to try, it’s important to find the right coach and different coaches offer a variety of skills, abilities and personality to the coaching engagement.

Here’s what to look out for:

 * Find someone you can relate to. A coach with a harsh style or “boot-camp” mentality may not be right for you. Perhaps you’d respond more to someone that approaches things from a gentler aspect. Or maybe you really respond well to tight deadlines and someone who pushes you through the phases. Whatever the choice, it has to be right for YOU. And taking the time to find the right coach is really important.


* Ask any potential coach specific questions and listen to their answers carefully. This will help you choose the right person for your needs.


* Some coaches have very specific knowledge and insight which may be exactly what you need. Whereas other coaches may have a broader, strategic approach to your overall business success. 

When choosing a coach it is important to consider your goals and aspirations before you start the search, so that you know what help you require.


* Find someone who wants to see you succeed. It’s unfortunate, but there are some coaches who keep their clients in a certain place. This ensures that the person doesn’t outgrow them and continues to use their services. This is not the right coach for you.

 A good coach will push their clients to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. A good coach accepts that at some point their client may outgrow them and need to move on. It’s important to look for this in a coach, as this way you can be sure that they will always advice you on what is ultimately best for you and your business.


* Many coaches offer a free consultation or chat. If you are considering hiring a coach to improve your business, ask for one of these sessions. If you would like to find out more about the coaching I provide, you can apply for one of my free sessions here.



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