The Number 1 Mantra For Your Business


What is the number one mantra for a business to thrive in any environment?

There is a lot of competition out there vying for your customers business. What makes you stand out? Why should this person spend their money with you?

When answering that question many business owners get tied up with the uniqueness of their product or their highly competitive price. What many overlook is the customer experience of buying.

What happens when a customer enters your store and the sales assistant ignores them? Or they research a product or service online, and can’t find what they’re looking for? They get frustrated and annoyed and you miss out on valuable custom.

So, what is the vital ingredient that gets customers through the door and coming back for more? It’s the customers overall buying experience.

Adopt the mantra  ‘Make it Easy for Every Customer.’

Make the buying process easy for your customer.

Make choosing the right product easy and effortless. Apply good sales techniques and premium customer service.

Make the stock easy to find. Make the sizing, colour and pricing easy to find. Make the service desk or checkout page easy to find, and make the process of paying for the product or service a piece of cake.

And let’s not forget making it easy for your customers to find you in the first place. Is your website optimized? Are your products easily identifiable?

In your advertising, is your business address or online store written clearly? I have seen so many newspaper advertisements selling fantastic products and services but apart from the name of the business there are NO details of where to go to actually buy these items.

So let me ask you, how many customers and sales are you missing by making it all too hard?

Why don’t you put a plan together to adopt this mantra and make life easy for your customer?

If you would like any help with this or any other way to improve your business, please contact me anytime via email  [email protected]



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