The Power of Positive Money Affirmations


There are many tips and techniques to help you build a strong relationship with money. Today I’ll be talking about affirmations. The idea of affirmations has been around for a long time with some researchers suggesting the practice goes back as far as the ancient Egyptians and Buddhist traditions. More recent work by people such as Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins have made the practice more widespread.

Affirmations are short, impactful statements that evoke a positive state of mind and can reinforce your confidence in any given subject.


Understanding Money Affirmations

 Money affirmations are a simple yet powerful tool that can dramatically shift your financial outlook. Money affirmations are positive, present tense statements that you repeat to yourself to build a more positive and proactive relationship with money. These affirmations work by gradually reshaping your subconscious thoughts about finances, replacing negative beliefs with empowering, optimistic perspectives.


Why Affirmations Work

The beauty of affirmations lies in their simplicity and the psychological principle that 'what we focus on, expands'. By consistently affirming positive financial beliefs, you begin to foster a mindset that looks for opportunities and solutions, rather than dwelling on limitations and barriers.


Crafting Your Own Financial Affirmations

Affirmations should be statements that are clear and positively phrased, such as " I am the powerful creator of my success."


Rules for good affirmations.

 Personal:  It starts with “I”, such as “I am “or “I feel”

 Powerful:  Be specific. Exactly what you want to achieve.

Use some type of feeling word like - elated, joyful, grateful, peaceful, excited

Present Tense:  As if it’s already happening. Now.

Positive:  Focus on the outcome you WANT    (Avoid words like not, don’t want, etc.)


Think of a goal you’d like to achieve and write some short yet powerful  affirmations around it. Repeat your affirmations every day.

Incorporating positive money affirmations into your daily life can be a transformative practice. As you continue to affirm your financial abilities and goals, you'll notice a shift in how you perceive and interact with money—a shift towards abundance and opportunity.



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