Why Am I Struggling To Get Clients? Unravelling the Dilemma


Running your business can be stressful, and one of the biggest challenges women entrepreneurs face is getting a steady flow of clients.

As a service provider, you are fully attuned to what your clients want and are amazing at getting them their desired results. So why aren’t you getting more clients? Often, our external struggles mirror our internal journey so, if you are wondering why you are not getting enough ideal clients then it may be time to reflect on your inner world as well as outer, practical strategies.


Mindset: The Foundation of Your Business

As much as we focus on strategy, networking, and offers, your mindset is equally, if not more, important. If you're holding onto limiting beliefs—perhaps a thought that you're not experienced enough, not good enough, or simply not worthy—these thoughts could be your biggest roadblocks. It's important to identify these self-limiting beliefs, work through them and replace them with empowering affirmations.

Tip: Take a few minutes every morning to meditate on your worthiness. Visualize your ideal client recognizing your value and opting for your services. Don't just think it; feel it in your bones.


 “The clearer you are when visualizing your dreams, the brighter the spotlight will be to lead you on the right path.” Gail Lynne Goodwin



Your Network is Your Greatest Source Of Support

Now, let's talk practicalities. Sometimes it's not about the lack of clients but rather the lack of the right clients. Is your network aligned with your values? Are the people around you supportive of your business or are they unintentionally dragging you down? I suggest you reevaluate your circle and gently let go of the people who are not a positive influence and encourage more people to connect with you who are on the same page as you.

Tip: Attend local events or service-based organization meet-ups that resonate with your values. Talk to a wide variety of people and organize follow up conversations with those you resonate with. You never know where your next meaningful connection is going to come from.


Your Offers: Are They Reflective of Your Brilliance?

Take an honest look at what you're offering. Does it represent your highest quality of service? Do they really offer what your clients want? If your packages aren't aligned with what your target market needs or values, then it's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Your services should not only reflect your expertise but also solve the problems your ideal client is facing.

Tip: Don't be afraid to reassess and redesign your service packages and offers. Consult trusted peers or mentors for feedback and make adjustments as needed.


Consistency is Key

Finally, let's touch on consistency. Consistency in quality, service delivery, and even in how you show up emotionally for your clients. Your clients want to feel safe and cared for; they want to know what they can expect from you.

Tip: Keep a journal where you track your business activities. Over time, you'll find patterns—what's working and what isn't. Once you recognise these patterns it’s simply a case of doing more of what ‘is’ working and less of what ‘isn’t’. Make it a ritual to review this journal monthly.


Remember, the world needs your unique gifts and services. So shine your light brightly, my entrepreneurial friends. It’s not just about getting clients, but about creating a lifelong impact—one that’s wrapped up in integrity, caring, and immense value.
Wishing you all the love and success in the world!




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