Unlock the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that allows you to stand out from the crowd!

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Discover your Unique Brilliance and use it as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents on your most profitable actions


Capture your spirit, personality and passion into an authentic brand promise you can use in all your marketing


Create a consistent message that communicates why you do what you do and the amazing value you provide

Branding can be very confusing because there isn't any one thing you can point to and say ' That's a Brand'. Most people associate Logo's and Taglines as a company's brand but there is SO much more to establishing an authentic, memorable brand.

Your Brand is the PROMISE of an EXPERIENCE

Your Brand is an opportunity to create:

  • Meaningful, thought-provoking connections with your customers or clients.
  • Focus, intention and energy for you in building your business.

The most difficult part of establishing a Brand that will stand out in today's busy marketplace is defining a consistent and genuine representation of who you are and what your brand stands for. How do you accomplish that? 


Introducing The Branding For Success Experience

A comprehensive deep dive into clarifying your brilliance and creating a consistent brand



  • Discover your Brand Archetype, which perfectly captures your spirit, personality and passion, transforming YOU into an authentic brand you can instantly use to launch this exciting new direction in your business
  • Confidently identify key touchpoints that will enable the sort of  clear messaging that is beautifully aligned to your Brand Values and Offers
  • Identify your unique brilliance and use it as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents on your most profitable actions
  • Choose your format: Personal 1-1 VIP Day or Small Group Workshop 

Discover YOUR Brand Archetype and set yourself free from ever again being the best kept secret in your market!

Find out what differentiates brands like Nike, Deepak Chopra, Lego and Hallmark and how you can stand out with your own unique brand image and message.

Harness the power that is within you to create a Unique, Authentic and Memorable brand.

Join other like minded businesswomen driven to make their brand noticeable and aligned with their highest values.

" Achieving your goals and sharing business ideas is just a few things that these workshops can offer, but to me, the best thing is the energy you leave with and the focus and commitment that empowers you to make dreams turn to action. Thank you, Averil. Come and join us for the next one!"

Renata Spies

Workshop or Private 1-1 VIP Day

Branding for Success is available in a  small, intimate workshop setting held at a local facility or online event.

Private 1-1 VIP Day.  During this special day we focus solely on you and your business.

When you book your place at the workshop or the 1-1 sessions, you will receive the Branding With Archetypes Assessment to complete ahead of time. This is a fascinating insight into your brand character and is the foundation for this powerful work.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Workshops will be held locally in New Zealand and Online Workshops will also be available at certain times.

You can also request a Private 1-1 VIP experience for more personalized attention.

Please register your interest to find out more by clicking the Request More Info button.

Workshop dates will be advertised on my Facebook page - 

If you would like to arrange a workshop for your group, please contact me discuss availability.

The Private 1-1 VIP Experience is available at any time. Please contact Averil for more information

The Workshop will begin at 9.30am and run until 4pm with breaks throughout the day. 

Please bring notepaper, pens, pencils, colored pens/pencils - if you like that sort of thing. You may also like to bring a water bottle and snacks to keep you going.

Please note that water will be available throughout the day, and complimentary tea and coffee as long as the facility regulations allow.

Yes, absolutely! You can choose from participating in a group workshop, a 1-1 special VID Day or as 3 private coaching sessions.

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