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Take a Deep Dive into Your Personal Development , release what holds you back and become the successful business owner you are destined to be!

You are a business owner and a talented service provider but you are also a human being who has thoughts, beliefs and emotions that impact what you do. This is all part of being a woman entrepreneur. I believe that women do business differently to men. There is an emotional element to everything we do.

That’s why I created this gentle yet powerful program to help you overcome any blocks you have with productivity, confidence or self-worth that get in the way of achieving your dreams. 

When you release your secret fears and beliefs and harmonize your mind and emotions you will feel a new level of confidence and assurance to run a successful business that impacts the world. (Because of my previous training you can trust me to work with you on a deep level that most business coaches know nothing about thereby creating powerful transformation) 


Particular areas we can work on are –


It takes many forms. Always finding something else to do, lots of ‘busy work’, avoiding tasks that we don’t like, postponing tasks, struggling to get started or waiting until the very last minute to finish a project.

Does any of that sound familiar? You may not realise how procrastination is crippling your business.

Would you like to get rid of procrastination and become clear, focused and excited to complete your work?

I have a specific release session that shifts procrastination by uncovering the hidden resistance that keeps you stuck.


Fear of Being Visible
We all know that we have to put ourselves ‘out there’ to grow our business, but that is easier said than done. You don’t have to be a shy or timid person to lack the confidence to become visible in your marketplace, anyone can feel uncomfortable in this situation.

Combining practical strategies with inner change work, we can move you from fearful to fearless, reluctant to bursting with enthusiasm. Just ask me how.


Embracing a CEO Mindset
To feel fully prepared to step up into your next level you must embrace a true CEO mindset.

There is a major difference between a person who ‘does their job’ and someone who ‘leads their company’ – even if that company is only you! Being a successful CEO requires a major shift in the way you think about your business.

My program will help you clarify your Why, explore growth possibilities and make smart decisions.

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"What I loved about working with Averil is her ability to draw out what I was not able to in regards to my life and how I was viewing life at the time. I was having big self-doubt issues, Averil helped greatly with getting my perspective back. I now have much more confidence in myself and my abilities. I really enjoyed working with Averil and recommend you do too. "

Carol Flynn
Colorado USA

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