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How To Confidently Package, Price and Sell Your Expertise

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Coaches, Healers and Heart-lead Entrepreneurs

Do you want to make a difference in the world and get paid well for it too? Read on.... I am going to tell you about my step by step process that will help you create an amazing package and offer that feels in alignment and will attract your perfect high-value client

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You love what you do but aren’t certain how to organize your expertise into lucrative, client-attracting offers.
  • You know you’ve been under charging and over-delivering, and you wish you had someone to help you price your services to be both profitable and aligned with your values.
  • You see other people in your industry making the kind of income you want, and you just have no idea how they're doing it?
  • You feel nervous every time you talk with a prospective client, knowing you’re not quite sure of what to say when it comes to the money part


Here’s just a peek at what your business looks like when we are coaching together:


  • You have lucrative, client-attracting packages that spotlight your value and your unique way of working with clients
  • You’re charging what you’re worth and love how good it feels to be free and no longer over-delivering
  • Your new pricing structures are adding income to your bank account with every new client
  • You have identified your most brilliant ideal client, and feel excited every day to be working with clients you love, and who appreciate YOU and your expertise

"Before I signed up to Coaching with Averil I was struggling to know if what I was doing was right and felt overwhelmed with all the things I needed to do in my business. I knew I was missing important steps that I needed to reach the audience I needed to and have the impact I wanted but wasn’t sure what they were."

Kathryn, Wellington NZ

Why I know it works

Hi, I'm Averil.

When I first started out in business I charged what I thought was a suitable price. It was not until I started hiring an office with like-minded businesses that I was told I was seriously undercharging. I duly raised my fees and every time I asked my clients to pay I felt embarrassed and guilty. I would mutter my fees and hope they paid. I was doing what my training told me to do and was charging by the hour. I had no idea what a ‘Package’ or an ‘Offer’ was.

It was no surprise that my business did not flourish. Because I could not convey my offer and  felt guilty stating my fees I struggled to attract the right sort of clients. The energy I was sending out was that of low value and desperation. That resulted in low uptake of my services and that totally derailed my confidence.

It has taken me quite some time to overcome my tendency to under value myself and create desirable coaching packages I love to talk about. Now I’m pleased to be able to share my knowledge with you.

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Ready to feel excited that you’re making money in a lucrative business that lights you up? Let me share the steps to take to create and sell amazing offers in this focused, one to one coaching program.



Connect to your Ideal client

Before you create your offer you need to connect with your audience. You must know what your ideal clients want and need. You need to be certain that what your package offers is not only attractive to your audience, but will give them the transformation they seek. Each element of your offer must address these needs. We’re going to delve into who you serve and what they crave so that creating your packages is simple and laser targeted. 



Create your Success Mindset

If you’ve been trying to grow your business for a while, chances are you have looked at many external methods to do this  such as automation, outsourcing, marketing tactics and sales. What really makes the most difference however, is what goes on internally. Your thoughts, beliefs and mindset. Believing in yourself is your number one job and developing a success mindset is the most important thing you can do for yourself. 
Our mindset and our beliefs about our abilities play a key role in nourishing or hindering our success. To be successful, you must believe in the positive possibilities for yourself and then act on them. I will show you a simple way to design your success mindset that will allow you to unlock your untapped potential and overcome limiting beliefs.



Create and package your offer

When most coaches and service providers think about what they can offer their clients, they think in terms of listing all the possible services in their repertoire and then how to price each one. This program will show you how to identify the core outcomes your clients need, what content is required and apply a simple process to create the most effective package and offer letter that will grow your business and best serve your clients.



Charge what you’re worth

What do you charge for your products or services? It's not an easy question to answer. One of the most difficult things that Coaches and service provides face is figuring out what to charge for their services. It’s a huge obstacle and hard to overcome on your own. I am going to walk you through a simple method that will help you not only choose the best pricing for your packages that aligns with the goals you have for your business but also ensures you are charging what you are worth.


Sales Conversations

Sign up your New Client

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to sales conversations but in this module you’ll learn to write a basic script you can feel confident about.

You will  learn how to develop a 'Value Stack' when talking about your offer so that your prospects will see how the transformation you promise will impact their lives.

Your prospects also need to feel listened to and supported by you and when they do, asking for the sale will come easily. You’ll feel confident, calm and relaxed talking with prospective clients, knowing exactly what to say when it comes to the money part and able to convey the transformation your clients seek.



"I was able to charge what I was worth without feeling guilty by doing this work. It has boosted my confidence and my bank account"   Kelly, Auckland NZ



When you sign up for this program you will receive the Fast Results Checklist. A quick and easy way to sign your first few clients up to your package. You will also receive the Launch Promo Calendar. A fill in the blanks marketing calendar template to help you promote your offers.'s up to you. You can keep struggling to get enough clients and make more money

Or, you can stop and get what you need to make valuable packages and offers that will inspire and delight your audience.

Here's what you'll receive in the 'Create And Sell Your Irresistible Offer' Program


  • 6 modules that will take you step by step through my offer creation framework
  • 6 personal 1-1 coaching calls 
  • Templates and worksheets to guide you through the process
  • 1 Additional Private 60 minute 1-1 call with me to perfect your offer letter or sales conversation
    Plus these bonuses -
  • Fast Results Checklist so you can hit the ground running with your first few clients
  • Launch Promo Calendar to help you map out launching your offer

Confidently Offer Your Best Work

Sign Up New Clients Who Love What You Offer With Ease and Start Earning What Are Worth

Discover the power of creating an authentic, results focused package for your ideal clients that will grow your business and enhance your bank account.

It's time to let go the fear of not knowing what to say to your prospects and feel the confidence to sign up new clients with ease.


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