How Price-Guilt Sabotages Your Confidence and Your Business

offers pricing Aug 21, 2022


It would be true to say that there is more to creating a fulfilling business than making money.  People in the personal development or healing industries don’t usually start their business with the primary intention of making a fortune.


The only problem is, many heart centered business owners have a charitable mindset, and feel compelled to give away their services for very little, or indeed, free. When they think about charging higher prices they feel swamped with guilt. They say “ What if my client can’t afford to pay.  They really need my services!” or “ Who am I to charge that sort of money for what I love to do?”


When I first started out in business I charged what I thought was a suitable price. It was not until I started hiring an office with like minded businesses that I was told I was seriously undercharging. I duly raised my fees and every time I asked my clients to pay I felt embarrassed and guilty. I would mutter my fees and hope they paid.

It was no surprise that my business did not flourish. Because I felt guilty stating my fees I struggled to attract the right sort of clients. The energy I was sending out was that of low value and desperation. That resulted in low uptake of my services and that totally derailed my confidence.


           'The energy I was sending out was that of low value and desperation' 


It has taken me quite some time to overcome my tendency to under value myself and I now realize it is part of my money personality.


The good news is that if, like me, you have ever felt guilty or embarrassed when talking money with your clients, there is a way through it. You need to learn how to Package and Price your Offers in a way that illustrates the value, not only to your prospective clients, but to yourself.

You don’t have to charge high-ticket for all your work, but there will definitely be room in your service offerings for higher prices. In fact, when you charge a higher price, your clients benefit.


Here’s the thing. Struggling coaches often have a Charitable mindset.  Successful coaches embrace an Entrepreneurial mindset. Which mindset supports you more?


If you’d like to know more about pricing, packaging and offering your services in a way that feels authentic and also makes a profit, please apply for a free, confidential chat here.





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