What is the Best Marketing Strategy?


There are a wide variety of marketing strategies and processes that the marketing experts will tell us we must follow. But there seems to be new methods or techniques popping up all the time. How do you know which is right for you?

What type of business?

If you have a product based business, your marketing choices will be different to someone who has a service based business. Low ticket items will need a different approach to high ticket items and so on. The key factor here is about reaching the right people using the right methods. So, where do you start?

When it comes to developing your overall marketing strategy, some people say you should be Omnipresent, meaning you cover all bases. Every social media account, networking, public speaking, FB and Google advertising, SEO, radio and magazines. Not to mention YouTube, your own blogs, email marketing and podcasts. The list seems to grow bigger every day.

Does this work?

One problem with that is keeping track of all your marketing accounts and campaigns. The mere thought of working in this way is so daunting for some of us, we end up taking no action at all!

A better choice

I believe a better strategy is to keep it simple and play to your strengths. If you love writing and sharing your story, then go down that route. Blogs, articles, emails or even write a book. If, on the other hand, you can't write to save yourself, but love connecting with people face to face (even virtually) focus on speaking, networking, referral partnerships and building relationships.

Although there is method in the madness of having your name all over social media, don't buy in to the pressure of a marketing strategy that is not in alignment with who you are and what you know you can accomplish.

Take a step back

When faced with a multitude of marketing options please understand that these are tactics – or specific methodologies to undertake certain actions. What you need first is a marketing strategy. This is your overall plan that will incorporate the specific tactics needed to implement your strategy. Don’t forget, your marketing strategy also needs to fit comfortably within your larger Business Strategy.

So my suggestion is, create a marketing strategy that suits your personality and business, choose a limited number of marketing mediums – or tactics, and then work your plan for 3 months. After your three months is up, review and adjust as necessary.

People are waiting for you. Reach out to them now.

The important thing is to be clear on your marketing purpose, create a clear plan and get out there! People are waiting for you. Reach out to them now.




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