How to Overcome Marketing Roadblocks and Connect With Your Audience


Have you ever felt like you're speaking into a void, pouring your heart and soul into your coaching, therapy, or healing business, yet struggling to connect with the people who need you most?


Let me tell you about Emma, a compassionate and talented life coach who found herself in this exact situation. She started her business fueled by a genuine desire to make a difference in people's lives. Yet, she quickly realized that the journey from passion to profits was not as straightforward as she had hoped.


Emma is not alone in this struggle. Many new coaches, therapists, and healers face similar challenges when it comes to reaching their audience and signing up new clients. The business side of things can often feel like a foreign language, with a steep learning curve that leaves many feeling overwhelmed and stuck.


The first hurdle that many new business owners face is the lack of a clear and unique offering. Without a well-defined service that stands out from...

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What is the Best Marketing Strategy?


There are a wide variety of marketing strategies and processes that the marketing experts will tell us we must follow. But there seems to be new methods or techniques popping up all the time. How do you know which is right for you?

What type of business?

If you have a product based business, your marketing choices will be different to someone who has a service based business. Low ticket items will need a different approach to high ticket items and so on. The key factor here is about reaching the right people using the right methods. So, where do you start?

When it comes to developing your overall marketing strategy, some people say you should be Omnipresent, meaning you cover all bases. Every social media account, networking, public speaking, FB and Google advertising, SEO, radio and magazines. Not to mention YouTube, your own blogs, email marketing and podcasts. The list seems to grow bigger every day.

Does this work?

One problem with that is keeping track of all your...

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