What's Mindset Got To Do With Money?

Whenever I start working with business owners I ask ‘how much money do you want to make?’ and inevitably the reply is not a dollar amount.

I hear replies like - I just want enough to pay the bills, I want to offer really good services to people – the money is not important or my favorite – I’ll let the accountant take care of that.

The other set of responses I hear are a bunch of excuses as to why making more must be a lot more work or why they can't make more because they're "just getting started" or I hear a long, detailed story explaining what they're planning to do etc. etc.

It is only after a lot of encouragement that the business owners actually state a figure.

Why do we do this? Why is it so hard to put a monetary goal into your business? I think for many people we have been brainwashed into the idea that it’s not ‘nice’ to talk about money. Or that making lots of money is somehow not spiritual or just plain bad!

These are beliefs that we have established over time. We probably don’t even recognise we think this way. But, do you have beliefs about money that are impeding the progress of your business?

Could the beliefs you hold contribute to your reluctance to set monetary goals? Impact the profit your business generates?


1.       Think about a figure you would like to make in your business and write it down. Now, add an extra zero to it. E.g. If you said $50,000 write down $500,000.

2.       Say the new figure out loud. “I want to make $XXXXXXXX this year”
When you do that what do you feel?
What thoughts come into your head?

3.       Note those thoughts and feelings down. These are beliefs you hold around money.

Congratulations, you have bravely uncovered some beliefs that, if changed, could change the trajectory of your business.

If you would like to know how to turn those beliefs around and make your business the rocking success it deserves to be ask for a free Money Mindset Breakthrough session.


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