Reflect and Celebrate: The Key to Sustained Success


Reaching the end of a particular challenge or project is cause for celebration. It’s not just a moment to breathe a sigh of relief but also a time to reflect on our journey and celebrate all that we’ve accomplished. This final part of the challenge process is very important; it’s about understanding the impacts of our actions and acknowledging the strides we’ve made.


The Power of Reflection

Reflection is more than just looking back; it’s an active evaluation of what we’ve done, how we’ve done it, and what the outcomes have been. This process helps us internalize every lesson, every win, and yes, every misstep. By taking the time to reflect, we can see not just what worked, but why it worked. It offers us a chance to ask ourselves some pivotal questions: Did I reach the goals I set? What strategies had the biggest impact? Where did I encounter unexpected challenges, and how did I handle them?


Why Celebrating Matters


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Planning for the Future and Long Term Growth


As we wrap up our 30-day money maker challenge, it’s essential not to let the momentum we’ve built just fade away. Now is the perfect time to focus on the future. Planning isn’t just about laying down a roadmap; it’s about clarifying your bigger vision, identifying inspirational goals and preparing to conquer them.

Imagine navigating through unfamiliar territory without a map or compass. That’s what running a business without a plan can feel like. Strategic planning gives you the tools to not only anticipate future challenges but also to seize opportunities that arise. It’s about knowing where you want to go and plotting a course to get there efficiently and effectively.


Why Planning Matters More Than Ever

Life can be super busy for entrepreneurs and it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your business and lose sight of the bigger picture. Planning helps you step back and view your business from a broader...

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6 Ways to Stay on Track with Your Goals


If you want to be successful, one of the most important steps is setting goals.  If you just work to get things done, you end up going through the motions with no real purpose or drive. This is especially important as we move into the last part of the year. Now is the time to review the goals you set earlier and see if they are still relevant and important. There is still plenty of time to achieve your goals so here are a few tips to stay on track.


1. Write it down.

When it comes to keeping appointments and meeting deadlines, most people have to write them down —or else they somehow disappear until after they’ve passed. The same is true with goals. There is something magical that happens between the brain and the pen. By writing your goals down - and seeing your goals written, it reinforces that goal and makes it more attainable.

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want...

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What's Mindset Got To Do With Money?

Whenever I start working with business owners I ask ‘how much money do you want to make?’ and inevitably the reply is not a dollar amount.

I hear replies like - I just want enough to pay the bills, I want to offer really good services to people – the money is not important or my favorite – I’ll let the accountant take care of that.

The other set of responses I hear are a bunch of excuses as to why making more must be a lot more work or why they can't make more because they're "just getting started" or I hear a long, detailed story explaining what they're planning to do etc. etc.

It is only after a lot of encouragement that the business owners actually state a figure.

Why do we do this? Why is it so hard to put a monetary goal into your business? I think for many people we have been brainwashed into the idea that it’s not ‘nice’ to talk about money. Or that making lots of money is somehow not spiritual or just plain bad!

These are...

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Overcoming Failures to Reach Success


The word failure is often used to describe a situation in which your desired goals were not realized at a specific point in time. There are many reasons that could have played a part in your goal not being realized and absolutely none of them have to do with your value as a person.


Let’s break down some of the ideas behind unhealthy views of failure and see how taking a more positive approach can help you realize success:

·         If you are trying out for the high school basketball team and you don't make the cut, this doesn’t make you a failure. It simply means that under these specific circumstances, the coach didn’t believe that you possessed the necessary skills to play on this particular team at this point in time.

·         What much of the pain stems from when not reaching a desired goal is your attachment to outcomes. If you define your own value...

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