3 Reasons You're Not Making More Money


If you are a coach or a service provider signing up new clients is your life blood. Serving clients consistently is your number one source of income but it’s not always easy to turn that prospect into a paying client.

Over my years of working with women in the service industry I have noticed three shortcomings that get in the way of them having all the clients they want.

  1. They charge by the hour
  2. They only offer single sessions or one off ‘fixes’
  3. They don’t like to ‘sell’ to their prospects.


When most coaches or service providers complete their training they know very little about how to attract and sign on new clients. The information they have probably received is to start out charging ‘X’ amount per hour and slowly build their reputation. Although this is one choice, it’s not a viable option for the long term.

Charging by the hour is a trap that causes stress because you are in a constant state of worry trying to fill your hours with paying clients. It also positions you, the service provider, as a commodity and as such, subject to price comparison.


Your service is unique. No one does it quite like you, so encouraging price comparison is a dis-service to yourself and your prospective client.


The answer? Charge by result not by the hour.


Another issue I see is coaches and service providers offering an ‘as you go’ type service. This is where a client comes to you with one problem they want ‘fixed’. You give one session or one ‘fix’ and they go on their way. But does that one off service really solve their problem? Probably not, but many people rely on the client to get back in touch ‘when they need to’. This is a dis-service to the client because you – as the service provider, know better. Your knowledge and experience tells you the best way forward, but too many providers rely on the client to lead the way.


The answer? Create a comprehensive and compelling package to serve the client fully.


The final issue I want to talk about today is how many women hate to have sales conversations. The idea of ‘selling’ themselves and their service feels yucky.

It’s not surprising really. We have all been subject to the hard sales techniques of over enthusiastic sales people at some point, and most of us don’t want to be thought of in those terms. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about money in a way that feels comfortable to you.

One element that needs to be addressed is money mindset. How you think about money has a major impact on your business and how you sign on new clients. The other aspect is more practical. It’s knowing how to have those important money conversations.

When you know what to say and switch your perspective from selling to serving, asking for the sale comes easily.

When you combine a well-priced package that delivers outstanding results with a new found confidence to ask for the sale, you will start to create the business and income you dream about. 




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